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About LillieCares, Inc.

LillieCares, Inc. is a 503C non-profit started in memory of our mother, Lillie Mae Ross, RN. The purpose of LillieCares is to assist seniors and those with disabilities in obtaining a high quality of care while they are on this journey.  LillieCares continually strives to help find the healthcare services and programs that are available to meet the needs of families. We do not want anyone to feel alone during this time and we are here to assist families as they face new challenges.

- Paula Ross-Kearney, Founder

Lillie Mae Ross, RN

To assist us in our mission to help those in need, please consider a tax deductible donation to LillieCares, Inc.

A Bit About Lillie

Lillie Mae Ross, RN was a remarkable woman that spent her life helping others. From aide, to registered nurse, to assisted living facility owner and director, Lillie always made people feel valued, respected and cared for. Her children have followed in her footsteps and founded Quiet Manor to continue the level of care that Lillie started. Please visit to learn more about the care they provide.

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